Voices of the Future

Who is Aimen Ahmed Al Hosni?

“Nothing is impossible. Just focus on your goals. Sky is the limit.”

Sheikh Aimen Ahmed Al Hosni is the CEO of Oman Airports Management Company, Chairman of the ACI World Governing Board, and General Manager of the Muscat International Airport. He received his Master’s Degree from Indiana State University in the United States of America and has worked in various high-place jobs within the Ministry of Oman

Like many Omanis, Aimen Al Hosni’s childhood was steeped in family tradition and service to the country. Not surprisingly, the man points out his father and grandfather to be his greatest influence, who he believed were visionary men.

Aimen Al Hosni was raised with the belief that he can and must enact positive change in his surrounding environment. To do so, Aimen takes a creative approach to solving problems and leading those around him. In his short career, his work has already had a profound impact on the Ministry of Civil Service and on Oman as a whole. “I am happy to have brought some change to my country and in the way it is built,” he says proudly. Most importantly, however, Aimen Al Hosni is a clear reminder to Omani youth that innovation is not just for entrepreneurs. Now, more than ever, creative thinkers must play a role in building a modern, efficient public sector.

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