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Who is Gil Petersil?

Gil Petersil is a global leader in the world of networking, business strategy, and mastermind methodology. As a Visionary, Serial Entrepreneur, and Global Speaker, Gil is passionate about adding value and serving others. He is a pioneer in promoting new perspectives on how Business Connections are made.

Gil’s initiation into the Networking Mastery Coach he is today began at a young age. Having immigrated from Israel to Canada at the age of 10, Gil was placed in a new school without knowing the language. As a result, he had to deepen his understanding of group mentalities based on inclusion and culture, which led him to develop the ethos of his unique approach to Authentic Networking. 

As an introverted child who felt anxious in social situations, Gil utilized his curiosity around the connection to transform himself into a world-renowned Communication Expert and Public Speaker. This evolution ignited Gil’s passion for serving through inspiring others to stand in their light and shine. 

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