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Who is Kamales Lardi?

Kamales is a Teaching Fellow and Chairperson of the MBA Advisory Board at Durham University Business School, and she was recently awarded as Top 10 Global Thought Leaders and Influencers In Digital Transformation (Thinkers360). She is also the Chair of the FORBES Business Council Executive Women.

She is an expert in blockchain, having developed a platform for the palm oil industry that drives sustainable traceability and trust in the supply chain. She is a strong advocate for diversity in tech and believes that diversity of knowledge, culture, gender, sexual orientation, and experience plays a critical role in developing technology solutions that have a
transformative impact on business and society

Kamales is a bold and strategic thinker in digital and business transformation. She combines over 22 years of deep cross-industry experience with the latest digital and technology solutions. Kamales is listed in the “Top 10 Global Influencers & Thought Leaders in Digital Transformation” (Thinkers360) and Top 50 Women in Tech Influencers 2021 (The Awards Magazine). She often says, ‘technology is not a silver bullet solution, a clear value proposition should drive any transformation effort’. This approach resonates well with many business leaders and has helped her stand out in the digital space. Since establishing Lardi & Partner Consulting GmbH in 2012, Kamales has advised many multinational companies across various industries in Europe, Asia and Africa for over a decade. In June 2022, Kamales joined Valtech, a global business transformation company, as the Managing Director Switzerland.

The high-quality and outstanding advisory of Lardi & Partner Consulting was recently recognized by the Business Worldwide Magazine 2020 Global Corporate Excellence Awards, winning the category of ‘Digital Business Transformation Firm of the Year’.

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